Household and Stock Wells:

At Quality Well & Pump we are equipped to respond to service calls regarding all segments of water wells and water systems. Our service truck and factory trained technicians are outfitted with the knowledge and supplies to get your well back on line in a timely manner. We are also providers of technologically advanced systems including constant pressure systems and solar powered systems.

CP Systems produce constant water pressure when used on rural water well water systems. Conventional water systems use a constant speed motor to intermittently fill a medium to large pressurized storage tank. The variable speed motor generates and maintains a constant pressure while delivering the maximum amount of water that the system can produce. The variable frequency drives we use feature special electronic controls that offer multi stage protection for your motor and pump ensuring longevity.

Solar water pumping is an exciting alternative to conventional grid-tied or engine water pumping for a number of applications including livestock watering, irrigation, remote home water supply, and some industrial processes such as natural gas dewatering. Solar pumping is cost competitive against traditional sources where the water source is 250 feet or less and where flow rate requirements fall within 1.3 gpm to 43 gpm.