Well Rehabilitation:

Well treatment and rehabilitation has become something very common in our attempt to rejuvenate and better water wells. We use several methods including sonar jetting, chemical treatment and air development. These methods are used on all types of wells from small diameter domestic wells (4” - 8”) to large irrigation wells (10” - 30”).

Sonar Jet
Mainly used in larger irrigation wells. In almost all instances we reline the well first. This means that we install a smaller casing within the old and frail original casing. Then we introduce a series of small explosive charges at various depths that, when detonated, pulverize all the iron bacteria built up on the intake screens. The debris falls to the bottom of the well or is forced out into the formation. Our trained technicians then remove all the debris from inside the well using a bailer. The final step is to reinstall the pump in the well and surge any remaining debris out of the well.
Chemical Treatment
Can be used in conjunction with other treatments or as a stand alone method. Chemicals are used in all types and sizes of wells. A variety of chemicals offer solutions to a wide range of problems including Algae, Bacterial Slime, Drilling Mud, Iron Bacteria Build Up, Oil Film, Rust and Vegetation. Once the problem is identified, the correct chemical is introduced into the well for the recommended time period. After the treatment time, our technicians will pump out the dissolved chemical and clean up the well.
Air Development
A great tool used in developing new wells as well as older wells (1 to 5 yrs old). It is a safe and cost effective way to rid a well of drilling residue, sand and iron bacteria build up. This method consists of injecting high pressured air into the well and blowing out anything that might restrict or hinder the production of the well.